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ICE | HSI Mini Badge ID Cases

A vast selection of Immigration and Customs Enforcement & Homeland Security investigations Mini Badge ID Card Holder Cases. Our amazing collection of ICE & HSI mini badge ID card holder cases are adorned with your choice of an ICE or HSI mini badge including ICE Officer, ICE Intelligence Officer, ICE Agent, ICE Special Agent, HSI Special Agent or an ICE mini mourning badge Mini Badges with your choice of gold embossing.

Our embossing options include embossing for family members as well as Agents or Officers.  Embossing options include Officer & DHS, Retired, Retired Officer, Officers Father, Officers Mother, Officers Wife, Officers Son, Officers Daughter, Officers Brother, Officers Sister, Officers Girlfriend, Agents Father, Agents Mother, Agents Wife, Agents Brother, Agents Sister, Agents Son, Agents Daughter, Agents Girlfriend, and Family Member all embossed in an amazing gold color.