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USBP Money Clips

Discover these distinguished US Border Patrol agent money clips. Honor First carries two different but unique USBP agent money clips. The USBP agent badge money clip is designed to beautifully represent the USBP agent badge while the USBP challenge coin money clip is a remarkable USBP challenge coin inlaid with a USBP mini badge. Both extraordinary, you will look dignified carrying a USBP money clip in your pocket or a superstar giving one as a gift to someone special. 

  • U.S. Border Patrol Mini Badge Money Clip

    U.S. Border Patrol Mini Badge Money Clip

    An awesome, high quality U.S. Border Patrol money clip featuring a mini badge. The mini badge is a 2D representation of the badge worn by U.S. Border Patrol agents. Crafted from a strong alloy that resists scratching, it is die stamped and filled with a...

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